I've written four books, one of which is available for purchase on this very website.


I don't remember when exactly I started writing, but I know that I've been playing games and telling stories for as long as I can remember.  When my friends played games, I built elaborate scenarios based on what we wanted our characters to be (princesses, gypsies, warriors, dragons, supeheros, knights in training, powerful sorcerers).  I don't know if I'm good at writing, but I know I have no choice but to do it as much as possible.


I was born in Miami, Florida, and lived there for seven years before moving with my mom to Columbia, Missouri, where I spent the rest of my childhood apart from regular visits to my father, back in Miami and then in Orlando.  I graduated from RBHS High School in 2009 with a semester GPA of 3.8 and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (showing exactly how much I cared about school for most of my high school career).  I was a member of the band for three years, I was one of the founding members of my school's zombie defense league (and later its president) and I was District Champion at Lincoln Douglas Debate.  In other words, I was a fairly high-caliber nerd.


In Fall of 2009 I began to study at Loyola University New Orleans, majoring in History.  After a year of study, I realized I'd inadvertantly taken more English Writing credits than History credits, and so decided it would be better to double-major.  This turned out to be a good idea, as evidenced by my graduation in 2013 Magna Cum Laude with triple honors.  While there, I was a founding member of the Swing Club and an editor at The Maroon, a fantastic newspaper staffed by a number of inviduals far more talented than me.


But as much as I learned at Loyola, it was most formative outside of education.  In terms of great friends made and in terms of great experiences.  College is not necessarily the paradise we portray it as, but it is a time where you are both free and young, and the experiences you mind therein may never be found again, or at least not so freshly and so divorced from other responsbilities.  I owe Loyola and New Orleans a great debt for the person I am today, and will be in the future.


But it's not only to Loyola that I owe this debt, or even to one place or institution.  It is to people I owe my largest debt--to friends and family and teachers and all the myriad folks you need to make a life worth living. There are many people without whom my life would have been a great deal poorer--perhaps too many to thank.  But I think I'd like to try.


So, to end this short bio, a brief note of thanks: to Paul Quick, Laura Billings, Catherine Billings, Tom Billings, Dawn Quick, Katie Bell, Chad Dahne, Erich Dahne, Megan Quick, MaryEllen Quick, Daniel Quick, Eric Pyle, Abagael Cornelison, Kathryn Turban, Holly Combs, Derrick Cowan, Andrew Hinkebein, Tom Gillis, Kalee Eason, Maddy Moore, Rachel Sayers, Sydney Barbier, Ashley Simoneaux, Ashleigh White, Tina Schoenlaub, Sam Winstrom, John Biguenet, Lori Ranner, David Moore, Ted Cotton, Bill Priest, Chacha Murdick, and even Chad Landrum.  There are still more who I've likely forgotten, but if I've known you and laughed with you, you can include yourself in this message.  Thank you.  My life would have been far worse without you as a part of it.