I've got two books for sale: the first two books of The Vivimor Trilogy, which are The Wanderers and The Renegades. I've already finished the rough drafts to the third book, The Redeemers, and hope to get it published before the end of 2017., and I and may add my Historical Fiction novel The Fortunate Sons sometime after that.  The Redeemers  will follow the survivors of as they try their damndest to behave like superheroes.

The Wanderers

The oldest monster on Earth is coming to the most remarkable city on the face of the planet, and his goal is nothing less than the total destruction of the world.


Refugee camp-turned-city Vivimor has its share of troubles—it's walled off by U.N. Decree, ruled by a dictatorial military force, riddled with gangs slowly being welded into a revolutionary army, and plagued by unprecedented diseases that play havoc with the human body. It's been twenty years since the Kopelsburg Defensive Field spared the rest of the United States the fate of California—transformation into a decaying wasteland inhabited only be the twisted mockeries of once-living things—and the world still watches Vivimor with bated breath, waiting to see what will happen next.


Now an all-too-human monster stalks the city streets, leaving chewed corpses in his wake, and the only ones who can stand against him are seven young men and women, all born in Vivimor. As their confrontation with the monster awakens strange powers in them, they are bound together by chance and choice and their wanderings across Vivimor, to try and stop the monster that plans to destroy their city and, with it, their world.


An intricate novel with distinct characters that delves into the complexities of a city on the brink of crisis, The Wanderers ultimately deals with the ways in which people confront death and struggle against it.


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The Renegades

Sometimes even superheroes can't save the world.


Two years ago, seven young men and women faced down the world's oldest monster, saving their city and the planet. But Mortis Ambulare, the impossible creature that calls itself Mort, still haunts the battlefields of the new cold war, growing stronger with every life he takes. One day he will return to Vivimor to tear down the Kopelsburg Defensive Field that spares the world the fate of California—transformation into a desolate grey wasteland inhabited only by bloodthirsty abominations.


But the outside danger has been forgotten as tensions escalate within the city. Vivimor boils on the point of all-out war, torn between the growing corruption of the once-righteous revolutionaries and the ancient abuses of the city's vested authorities. The heroes who once bested Mort now struggle to keep the peace, searching for the larger truths behind their city, their powers, and the Wastes themselves. As the world they know collapses around them, they must find their own answers and their own paths.


The old rules are crumbling, and the only hope for the Earth lies in the hands of the renegades.


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