Main Attraction: a young man wanders Universal Studios for the last time and hops onto the Jaws ride to mock the weary man on the boat. Then a giant shark attacks.


Iterations: a man accidentally gets cast loose into the multiverse, and learns how to jump from universe to universe alongside a man desperately trying to die.


The Rebels: Gilgamesh and Orpheus meet up in the afterlife, and find they can't really stand each other.


Moonlight: a young man swims out into the ocean, chasing after the siren moon on the horizon.


The Sacrifice: in a world ruled by gods and demons, a young woman waits to be sacrificed by a man known only as the Secularist.


Consequence: a man attempts to kill God, and takes a baffled woman along for the ride.


Faith in Good: a story written loosely in the style of the Decameron, wherein one roommate seeks revenge on the other.


Perfect Tit: two friends stand on a bridge, contemplating the wonders of boobs.




Hate: The Story We Tell Ourselves: we are all the heroes inside our own heads, and heroes always need villains. That's one of the reasons America's in a pretty strange place right now.

Ke$ha, Capitalism, and the Nature of Justice: guys, a white pop star's struggle describes all the problems with capitalism corrupting our justice system.  No, really.

Bitches Be Cray: I genuinely think women might be crazier than men, and I'm got some pretty compelling(ly terrible) analogies to explain why.


The Fake Geek Girl: How Zoe Quinn Allied Gamergate with The Red Pill: I started investigating the manosphere some time ago, and had a lot of thoughts about it and how it gave voice to what I think is a deeper problem that's pretty recurrent in our society. This essay is my first attempt at dissecting and understanding this trend, by addressing questions about Gamergate, meninists, and Zoe Quinn.


Shut Up and Listen: Why Your Outrage is Screwing Everything Up: Some of my musings on all the deaf outrage over Baltimore, and how people on all sides of the argument need to shut up and pay attention to each other.


Ethical Capitalism: Class Warfare and the Status Quo: My musings on how people always look out for their own self-interest and how the bedrock of being an ethical capitalist lies in respecting people's right to pursue their own self-interest even when you're working against them.


The Zodiac Brave Story (Online, Ongoing)


The kingdom of Ivalice reels from a five-decades' long war. Commoners and Kings vie to decide the future of their nation. And in the midst of this, a young man tries to find his place in the world, and uncovers the terrible truths and ancient secrets that lie behind his family, his kingdom, and the history of all the world.

The Zodiac Brave Story Part One: The Rulers and the Ruled

The tale of young Ramza Beoulve, a naturalized bastard, heir to a proud name that stands for Justice and Service all across Ivalice, and his best friend Delita Heiral, a commoner of uncommon talent. But when a prominent noble is kidnapped by a band of revolutionaries, Ramza and his friends and family are embroiled in a conflict that will reveal the unpleasant truths behind the revolutionary Death Corps, the 50 Years' War, and the nasty lies and deeds that let the rulers cling to power at the expense of those they rule.

The Collaborative Sessions: a Cowboy Bebop/Firefly Crossover Fanfic.  As a result of a hyperspace accident, the crew of the Bebop is flung into a strange new solar system.  Their only hope to return home?  Capture River Tam, and take out the crew of the Serenity.